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Christ the Redeemer

Art on a Grand Scale

There’s something particularly overawing about enormous works of art. It’s hard to put into words exactly the quality that makes them so special – perhaps it’s seeing a work of human endeavour on a scale reserved for nature. Whatever it is, that sensation is well worth seeking out, and today we’re taking a look at […]

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Going to Colorado This Summer: Places You Can’t Miss

Colorado is a very nice country to visit and is known for its national parks. It is an excellent choice for anyone who really likes to experience the wonders of nature. If you’re interested in visiting Colorado, you’ll want to learn more about what this state is offering. To cover all places and take full […]

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Relax in Las Vegas: 6 Ways to Avoid Typical Tourists’ Mistakes

Americans say that all roads lead to Las Vegas. So, it’s hard not to agree with this fact, because the number of travelers who come to the famous Sin City can be compared with the tourist flow in New York during the Christmas period. Usually, holidaymakers pick up rental car in Las Vegas and visit […]

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Want to Boost Your Health? Go Traveling!

When did you go abroad last time? No, it is not about your last business trip! It’s when you pack, turn off your laptop, check you e-mails, and forget about your job at least for a week or even more. It’s when you upload car rental apps on your phone to get the best price […]

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The Beauty of Florida: 5 Spots to Enjoy the Wildlife

Florida is one of the warmest resort states in the USA. It’s famous for its luxurious beaches, hotels, villas and beautiful sea views. Natural attractions are another reason why many travelers choose Florida for their vacation. Local parks and national reserves are literally buried in greenery – they are home for many unique animals and […]

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Top Tips for Newlyweds! Join Hands and Go Together!

Being newly married is very exciting. You are still at the peak of your wedding ceremony waiting for new adventures. Do you remember your wedding? Of course, it has happened somewhere in sunny Florida. Even if you don’t live there, it’s not a problem to plan your wedding in the best way. Even an evening […]

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Breathtaking Weekend: 6 Amazing Indoor Activities in Dubai

The UAE is a country of dreams, hi-tech and long-standing oriental traditions. It’s amazing how completely different things can be perfectly combined there. Of course, if we talk about entertainment in the UAE, then we should immediately talk about Dubai – this is where all the main attractions are collected, the most amazing hotels are […]

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Tips for Travelling to Stockholm

Tips for Travelling to Stockholm

Sweden is a beautiful county and in many ways futuristic compared to other major European cities. Stockholm excels with public transport; mainly down to environmental reasons. Getting around the city is easy, so fear not if you are a solo traveller. If you are in the city for one week or more, it would be […]

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Budget Travel Tips You Should Know Traveling in Your 20s

Traveling in your 20 must be perfect. You don’t have any family duties, work, and different adult responsibilities. You may pack your poor luggage into a backpack and go to see the world. You can take any new culture, new rules, and challenges. Are you afraid? Don’t be! There are many advantages when you are […]

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Air Gates of America: 7 Largest Airports in the United States

America occupies the first position in the world in the number of airports. Thus, many people have the following question: How many airports are there in the US? Generally, there are more than 15,000 ones and among them 44 airports of international importance are scattered throughout the country. The number of airfields in America impress […]

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